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At Story Church, we believe that God's plan for your life comes down to 3 words: 

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every story matters.

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Story Church lives to help people see Jesus for who He REALLY IS, and then follow Him. What does it look like to Follow Jesus? At Story Church, these are some of the things we believe are foundational that you do to follow Jesus:

Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
Go public as a follower of Jesus by being baptized.
Connect with God personally thru Bible reading & prayer.
Become a partner with Story Church.

Our desire at Story Church is to help everyone grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. We believe that happens best when we grow with others on the journey. We don’t believe in lone-wolf Christianity — we need each other!


There are 3 main opportunities to GROW WITH JESUS at SC:


Sunday worship gatherings. 

Small Groups scattered around NWA.

Fight Clubs.
(Groups of 2-4 studying the Bible and sharing life together)





We will help you discover your gifts and talents so you can use them to impact the lives of others, both at Story Church and across NWA.


We encourage everyone at SC to find a ministry team to serve with and look for opportunities to share God’s love with our community.


We also believe that people living for Jesus should be some of the most generous people on the planet!  We encourage everyone to:

Live a life of generosity.

Financially support Story Church.

Be a blessing to our neighbors and city around us.

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